Why a Blog

Why a blog indeed…

A few months ago I was inspired to write a book. The book in all honestly was going to be about all my experiences in life with the opposite sex. The book would include my first crushes as a young male, my first experience of love, my first experience of lust and my experiences in relationships of all sorts. I began to write down an outline to have a kinda guide while writing. I spent a little bit mulling over if I wanted to start with current experiences in life to where it all began or just start at the beginning. I could not decide where to begin so instead just made the choice to start free writing in regards to people and how their relationships came to be and the outcome and lessons learned. Now here is the honest truth, I made it through one actual relationship and after rereading the 20 pages I wrote realized it did not really say a damn thing. (dramatic pause)

Writing is fucking hard. Now in no way at all did I think writing a book was going to be easy. In no way did I also think writing a book with the desired content was going to be any easier. BUT DAMN. I am not going to say that I am giving up on my goal of writing a book but I will say that  it is in my best interest for success to practice writing.

My content in this blog will be honest. Honestly in a sense can sometimes be raw and come across in many ways. Honesty can be hurtful. Honestly can be depressing. Honesty can be saddening. When it comes to the way I write I just want to be honest. So if I offend you as a reader, if I hurt your feelings or make you have sadden feelings I am not sorry I am just being honest.

I can say that I will cover a wide range of random topics and some may pertain to some of you reading or maybe it will feel like it pertains to some of you that are reading. I just want to practice on an active audience so please I encourage the feed back even it it hurts. I can tell you grammatically it’s going to be a mess. English was my worst subject at any level in school. I hope that the blog I have begun and this journey are something that you as a reader finds fun, entertaining and worth while. So thank you for reading and enjoy future post. I hope I answered the question of why a blog.









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