Just a Rant

“Terrible wars have been fought where millions have died for one idea – freedom. And it seems that something that means so much to so many people would be worth having.”

-Robin Williams, Bicentennial Man

This movie came out in December of 1999 and was not a big hit but the tone of the movie still speaks volumes even today. I encourage you to watch it and see it Robin Williams character Andrew is able to move you. Some of the lessons in the movie and some of the quotes/speeches could apply today.

So many times we are divided as a people in this world. One simple truth is that we are all the same species. You can argue race, religion, origin or creed but you can not argue the simplicity that is what we all are. One species divided among each other over the differences. The answer is simple for peace and true freedom it is called respect. I don’t necessarily just mean respect toward one another but self respect as well. We as a people can never fix any of our problems with out fixing ourselves first. I was talking to a friend today and he is a conspiracy theorist and sometimes can fall deep in the rabbit hole but something struck me today that made sense. We for the longest time as the free world have placed ourselves in the center of so many world conflicts that it should be no surprise that we have made enemies. While we sit at home and watch our sports, our real house wives, our Kardashians and try and keep up with what dumb shit our president is twitting about while over half of our nation is effected by natural disasters we fail pay attention to what is happening in the rest of the world. Sure we here between programming or see things pop on our Facebook news feed about North Korea, Japan, Iran and Russia. We faintly hear about the bombings in Europe and the mass destruction caused by natural disasters in Mexico but we still are focused on our America. Each of us live a different America but feel protected and sheltered from the outside noise. Do we ever stop and think maybe those countries are fighting for their freedom from us. No we may not occupy their lands but it’s hard pressed to say our influence has not changed so many countries world wide. Maybe its time to leave well enough alone and just close up shop and be self sustainable for awhile. Maybe we do not realize how much we rely on the other countries. Maybe we do no respect ourselves enough to respect others. I am not into politics and my opinion is just my own. I am not looking to cause an uproar or begin a movement. I am just concerned that we as a Human Species are just fighting a battle to see who survives at the end when in all reality if we had any respect for ourselves and each other we could probably all survive together for many more years to come. There is an end to this world as we know it and we have allowed too many personalities to be in charge of the potential end and how close it can come. Life is precious and we should all want to hold on to life as long as possible. Put aside the differences and respect other Human Beings. We are all the same species whether we like it or not…….


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