Have you ever just been taken back to another time by a trigger. The trigger of a familiar scent, sound, voice or surrounding? Have you had that moment when everything around your physical body seems to disappear and you appear to be staring blankly in space but the reality is you’re staring at a memory? You’re reliving a previous moment. That blank stare may only last a second in real time but it feels like forever. For everyone these triggers are different and as much as we wish they all bring back good memories they do not. Triggers take us back to dark moments in life just as much as they do precious moments. The one thing we can not escape is our own minds.

Who you were, who you are and who you will be are all different people. Who you were does not define who you are or who you will become. Who you are now will change and influence who you will become but remember who you were. You learn the most when you are honest with yourself and the hardest person to be honest with is yourself. Use the triggers for self-awareness and to learn. Re-live the moments good or bad and come out with some sort of understanding on how you can use these memories to better tomorrow. We may never know why we remember certain things versus other but I choice to believe are memories are like everything else in life they are teachable moments. They can teach us things about ourselves if we listen and are honest with ourselves.

Maybe this post made sense to you and maybe it did nothing for you. Either way thank you for reading. We can not run from ourselves but we can learn from ourselves. Live your life to inspire others and take the time to say thank you. Today I challenge you to say those to words to someone. Thank you.

The Thing About Writing

The thing about writing is that it is hard. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I never expected it to be this difficult. I have read so many books and short stories both fiction and non-fiction trying to grasp for inspiration on a particular writing style. I have concluded that this maybe my biggest problem. I want to create a story but the truth is the story has already been created. What I want to write is right in front of me when I look in the mirror. What is preventing me from writing my story is not the lack of experience or lack of style. What is preventing me from writing my story is not the lack of knowledge or the lack of education. What is preventing me from writing my story is not the emotions other may feel. What is preventing me from writing my story is ME.

I am standing still looking at myself in the mirror. Looking into my brown eyes frozen as if I am expecting my reflection to tell me what to do. A tear runs down my cheek followed by another tear. Then the watering of my nose and the flush feeling in my ears as the blood rushes. I hear my heartbeat as I remain frozen crying to myself waiting for an answer. Then and only then do I realize that I am waiting for myself.

I am I ready to open up a lifetime of emotional scars? Am I ready to be honest not only with every reader but with myself? Do I want to experience the consequences? Would there be any consequences? Would it even matter to anyone what I wrote? All questions and a lot of self doubt. The thing about writing is…