Courtesies are what they are courtesies

When courtesies are taken advantage of and turned to be expected that becomes an issue

How quickly one can go from courteous to expected

The irony is when courtesies turn to expectations but those same expectations that were once courtesies are not reciprocated in return.

Simplistically I say don’t expect from someone something then turn around as if the expectations should be any different from yourself.

Yes to dumb it down even further follow the golden rule!


Reflections is a must sometimes and can hurt like a “B”

I encourage anyone reading to actually self reflect and attempt to be open to the perspectives of others. Play devils advocate on yourself. Of course you will fail at being unbiased toward your own opinion but if even for a moment you can catch a glimpse of a new perspective you will have succeeded. Don’t worry everyone thinks they are right at least 90% of the time but just try and shed some light on the other 10%. Don’t change who you are but evolve who you are by opening your mind. Trust me I am still a dick but I am more self aware then I ever used to be.

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