Personal Message

This is a rarity that I post anything so personal but I’d like to share my thoughts for a moment.

My dad is currently going through a separation after 38 years of marriage and knowing my mom for 45 years. It’s extremely hard on him trying to figure out finances and just figuring out where he stands in life right now. My dad and I are not the closest. He spent my childhood high on weed and cocaine. He is an alcoholic and has been sober for the better part of at least 8 years. When my mom left him I was very concerned he would revert and relapse and I am proud to say he hasn’t. The strength he is showing is amazing even st his weakest. I admire the will power he has shown. Big ups to my dad.

I had battled with alcoholism in my 20’s. If I am being honest I enjoy a good drink. I have smoked weed off and on my entire life. I know when enough is enough and I try and instill a little of my experiences with the people that come in my life even if for a moment. I have risk losing everything I have obtained in life thus far to help those I care about. I have learned a valuable lesson from my dad and through experience and that’s you can’t help anyone that doesn’t want help. You can spend time, money and offer all the support in the world but like my dad told me “if I wanted to stop I could have, I didn’t want to though I wanted what I wanted”. That couldn’t be more true. For those of you that have had friends that struggle with dependency issue just know there truly is nothing you can do. The choice will always remain that individuals. What you can do is offer your support (not financially) be there during the lows and praise the highs. But be prepared for the ups and downs. It’s a choice and the choice isn’t yours to make for the ones you love, it’s theirs.

To all my past,current and future friends just know you have the choice and it’s yours to make not mine. To all the young readers still in school or college I know it seems like it’s not a big deal and your young but the choices you make while your young impact every part of your future. Going back to the instilling part. Knowledge from other people’s perspectives can sometimes help you figure out the path maybe you should choose. Like I always say “you do you” but remember problems don’t go away they compile.

To everyone reading I may not know you personally but I love you. And for those reading that know me personally you know how I feel about you and if you don’t I love you!

Christopher Zarate

Thanks for reading!