The truth is that you can do a lot to show people that you care.  You can be proud of their accomplishments. You can shower them with gifts. You can express all the love in the world. You can even provide tough love to help them grow as an individual. You can express through hugs, kisses and handshakes. You could do all of the above and so much more but what you can not do is make a person happy. Happiness is the responsibility of oneself.

Sure it makes people happy to know that others care. That others feel proud. That others are willing to gift them with praise and material things. And of course who doesn’t like a good hug, kiss or handshake? But it is  the responsibility of ones self to obtain their peak happiness.

(I started this back in May and never finished. I think I will post unfinished and let anyone reading this finish the blog themselves. If you don’t blog that is okay just mentally finish the above. If you do blog feel free to copy and paste or finish with a comment. Some times unfinished work is more complete then finished work)



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