Different kinda pain

So my oldest son (12) has tested positive for Covid. It breaks my heart to have to quarantine him to a separate room. His mother, my mother in law and myself have tested negative but of course have to quarantine as well to be safe. Although he is doing great and only seems to have a soar throat as the only system the loneliness of having to be separate from your own family in your own home mentally sucks. To top it all off we have a 12 day old kiddo in NICU who still hasn’t made it home yet as he was just a little early coming into the world. It’s a different kinda pain to not be able to go to the hospital and spend time with this little boy. I can’t imagine the mental stress and emotional stress my wife is going through internally. She remains as calm as she can and puts on a brave face but I know it’s eating at her. We talk and I comfort the best I can but everyone has that internal feeling you keep to yourself. Although I know he is in the best place possible and in the care of some amazing people it hurts to not be able to see him for even just a couple hours. I will continue to pray every day and night for the safety of our family and the safety of all the people in our lives and those people around the world going through so much with Covid. I hope if you’re reading this you’ll say a selfless prayer for as many people as possible and if you do not believe in God then send out positive energy to the people world. The power of prayer is also the power of positivity and we all need more positivity in our lives. Thanks for reading and thanks ahead a time for the prayers and positivity. Remember it’s easier to love then to hate.

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