Welcome Home

After 18 days in NICU our new addition Tandan Levi has made it home. It has been an emotionally draining month. The oldest boy caught Covid causing a quarantine in the middle of the newest kiddo’s NICU stent. Having the ability of FaceTime was a blessing during it all for the family but of course it’s never the same as in person contact. Luckily he was in good hands at the hospital as the oldest was in good hands at home. Blessed are we with so many gifts and well wishes. Thank you all for the prayers and support.

This next week will be challenging with work and getting in the groove of a new baby at home. Keep us in prayers. I also have a Cardiologist appointment later in the week so cross my finger and toes my ticker is healthy. I will continue to sent out positive energy and prayers to all those that have been affected during this pandemic to find peace and healing. Thanks for the read.

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