I have always owned pets. Since I was in grade school I have had a variety a different pet companions. I once had a hermit crab that I told every secret to when I was in middle school and when he died it was like loosing my best friend. I continued this relationship with almost all my pets through the years. I would always grow attached knowing that one day they would either die or I would have to make the decision to euthanize due to health concerns or quality of life. I can honestly say it has never gotten any easier over the years and I would argue it only gets worse.

Today we had to euthanize our Simba cat that we have had almost 20 years. To think this cat is older then my oldest son is crazy. He has been through almost every adult milestone in our lives. The good and bad he was part of all of it. We have always had a cat even though I am more of a dog person. It still hits hard knowing that he is no longer going to be there. He goes to the grave having listened to many humans complain to him and use him for comfort through the years. He was a furry family member and that space can’t be filled.

I truly believe pets are a blessing. They hep calm the souls of their owners. They watch over of as we sleep. They listen when nobody seems to listen. They are completely without judgement. If you take care of them they take care of you in ways you may never understand. If you have a pet let them know that you care today. Maybe give them their favorite treat. Maybe tell them a story. Even if you don’t thing they understand you believe me they do. I will miss you Simba. Thank you for being such a cool cat. I hope that spirits meet again someday.

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