Having an endoscopy on Tuesday and my nerves are shot. The internet is a great resource for information both good and bad. I have read how minor and easy the procedure can be but also read the horror stories of the procedure gone wrong. I finally feel more on the normal side with minimal chest pain and heartburn. I know having the endoscopy procedure could answer the lingering question of what is causing my discomfort but I am nervous.

My stress test, echo and imaging of the heart was all normal with no concerns seen by my cardiologist. I also had CT scan for blood clots that would have shown anything in my lungs and those images came back clean. So the next thing to check is my stomach by doing an endoscopy. Wish me luck. I am grateful my bowels are regular so that I was able to skip out on the colonoscopy for another 5 years. Minor win but I’ll take it.

Stress can obviously cause body pain, muscle pain and even a change in your mental state. The thing is I don’t feel stressed. We all of course have stressors in our day to day life’s but none that I feel are causing the kind of physical pain that I feel almost daily. Like the rest of the world I just want answers and possibly a long term solution. Growing older kinda sucks. These skin suits we have are not made to last forever but when they start deteriorating even in the slightest it is an uncomfortable realization of how short our time can be here on earth. I look forever to forever. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and of course I will do the same.

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