Growing up I was instilled with a certain work ethic. Show up 10 minutes early to work because showing up early was on time and showing up on time was late. Showing up late wasn’t an option unless you had an actual emergency in which you at least called ahead. At work you listened to your boss regardless of how you felt. You may curse under your breathe or vent to family but you did what you were told out of respect and after all the liability was on the shot caller not you. Having a job was a commitment and that was just part of the commitment. Show up to work, listen and get paid.

I made a commitment to blog every Sunday. Let’s just say if this was my job I’d show up early listen to my boss and never miss a day. Like work, if I didn’t fulfill my commitments it would be considered disrespectful I wouldn’t be the stellar employee I was raised to be. All that to say I have failed to keep my commitment to blogging every Sunday and that is disrespectful to myself. I have let myself down and as the boss/leader I have let myself down.

I expect so much from those who actually do work for me. I set expectations and follow up on those expectations. I coach my team on how to be successful. I train my team to be self sufficient and encourage them to make choices. I have always looked to train my replacement just in case I move up or out.

By not blogging every Sunday I didn’t let anyone down. The world didn’t end. No money was lost. A business didn’t collapse. Family’s didn’t go hungry. But by not blogging every Sunday as I made a commitment to do I let my self down. I failed myself. I disrespected the commitment I made myself. Much like any failure I have learned from it.

The failure of keeping your commitments doesn’t always affect others but will most definitely affect you. It may seem silly but I hold myself to a better standard and as such I can’t afford to let myself down. The most important thing in any type of failure is to learn from it. So I will now recommit to my original commitment and push myself to hold myself to the expectations I hold to other.

Maybe this post resonates with others and maybe it doesn’t. Either way thanks for reading. Have blessed week.

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