Continuing to see how many countless lives are lost on a daily basis can be upsetting. I am so beyond grateful for my life and the lives of anyone connected to my life. I would wish untimely death on absolutely nobody. The one thing I am completely afraid of is death. It’s not knowing what comes next or how I die but the idea that I one day will cease to exist on this earth. I have made memories with many and have been blessed with family and friends but to know that all goes away is a scary feeling. It makes me extremely sad. It causes me much anxiety. I can not imagine the loss of a parent or a spouse. I can not imagine the loss of one of my children. My whole heart aches with the tragic events we all see in the news. No explanation is needed or would be warranted. The fact is lives have been taken way to soon. I pray for those families. I also pray for our families and our children growing up in the world today. It’s not the same place I grew up in 30 years ago. Please take a moment to reflect on your life and how much it means to you. Then as you reflect do the same for those closest to you. As you do that reflect on the lives and memories of those you’ve lost along the way. Then do me one more favor and tell those around you to do the same. Change starts with a mindset. Change will not come from politics or governments. Change will only come when we change each other’s hearts. Love one another. It’s much easier to love then to hate. If you haven’t heard it today, I love you. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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