We all grieve the loss of loved ones and the loss of those close to our families differently. However one may grieve is completely their own and should go without judgement. Many times over the course of my life I have heard the term “celebration of life”. Countless times I questioned that term or phrase. However, I can truly say that the most recent passing of an individual has made me realize that there are those in which should be celebrated. A man that lead his life with a servant spirit willing to help anyone and never ask for anything in return. A man that kept his extended family close and his immediate family protected and cared for even past his days on earth. A man that was an example of life and loving. The world lost a great man but heaven gained a magnificent spirit. May your legacy carry on through your son and daughter and your memory be everlasting in the hearts of the many who your life touched. May you Rest In Peace and be in pain no longer. May God give you comfort in his embrace and your family find comfort in God. Wesley Wayne Burress it was an honor to have known you in this life.

Good by 2022 and Hello 2023

So many things happened in 2022 that it would take a short book to capture all of it. I am grateful going into 2023 for overcoming the challenges from the past year. I am also looking forward to the continued blessings from 2022 that will carry through to 2023 and hopefully beyond.

For all of those that have read my sporadic blog post from the beginning I would like to say thank you. I am not the most consistent but I will continue to try. I wish all those reading a Happy New Year. Continue to count your blessing and take nothing for granted. Appreciate your loved ones and make sure you tell them you love them. Most importantly try and love more and hate less this year. Remember take things a day at a time but look toward next. God bless everyone.