2nd Sunday 2022

Good day to all. I have decided to make a commitment to blog something every Sunday through 2022. My original plan many years ago was to display artwork and poetry. To use this platform as a creative space for myself for others to follow. Although I will continue to do as such I wanted to take the opportunity to use this as a space to have a weekly blog. Nothing in particular come to mind and more then likely the post will be random thoughts, stories, pictures or even poetry. I would love any feed back or messages regarding my blog post and look forward to hearing from anyone. So today I start by saying welcome to my space.

40 years old and having my second child. I think for many 40 seems old. Hell, I think 40 is old in regards to having another child. This time is much different then before in regards to my overall attitude towards life. Although I don’t think now is the most safe time I human history to be having children I do think that life will go on past the Covid pandemic and many decades after. If it’s one thing we all are aware of it’s the resilience of human life. It’s my hopes that my children can one day read what I have written and reflect on my words to be used as an example to reference in their own lives. I like to think of myself as a realist with optimistic tendencies. So a note for my children both present and future know that a fathers job above all else is to protect and provide for his family It has always been the most important thing to me to ensure each of you have had a safe place to grow and become the persons you have chosen to be in life. I have also done everything I know how in order to provide the best quality of life possible in order to nurture your grow and help you become the persons you have chosen to be in life. As a father I want you each to understand that I am not personally responsible for your choices in life but I can only hope that through life I have been able to guide each of you in a direction that is best suited for the good of each of you and the others in your lives. Remember that no one is perfect but pointing out imperfections does no one any good. Our strengths are in our flaws and can help strengthen our character. Love not hate. Forgive and more forward never forgive and then dwell. Most importantly be there for each other always.

Person Inside You

“But don’t forget who you really are. And I’m not talking about your so-called real name. All names made up by someone else, even the one your parents gave you. You know who you really are. When you’re alone at night, looking up at the stars, or maybe lying in your bed in total darkness, you know that nameless person inside you.” -Louis Sachar

I love this quote. Think about the raw truth in the message. You can take away the name given to you and change it to whatever you’d like but when you are alone with yourself that is truly who you are. Nobody really ever knows the real you. You can tell someone they know you more then anyone and that may be true but only with the exception of you. It’s in those moments of solitude that speak the most to anyone. When you have those conversations with yourself. When you look in the mirror and reflect on the soul looking back at you. Who is the person inside you? Do you know that the person? Something to think about…